Call for applications: PhD “Sharing and distributed processing of private data from connected cars” at Télécom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris

The Connected Cars and Cyber Security (C3S) Chair is currently proposing a new thesis topic “Sharing and distributed processing of private data from connected cars”.

Thesis Directors

Duong Hieu Phan, Houda Labiod (Télécom Paris)
Co-supervisor : Aurélien Dupin (Thalès)

Context and motivation

Autonomous connected vehicles will be part of cooperative intelligent transport systems that will depend on a large amount of data from many sources. Tomorrow’s autonomous connected vehicle will be equipped with a highly sophisticated cooperative perception system capable of merging data from several internal and external sources (on-board sensors, cameras, V2X communications, etc.). Securing the exchange of this data is essential, including personal data (vehicle position, destination position, etc.). The challenge is to manipulate this private data, while avoiding any leakage or disclosure of information. Secure “multiparty calculation” (MPC) is a type of cryptographic protocol that allows a set of parties to calculate a function of each of their individual inputs, without having to reveal their input. Secure MPC also takes into account the fact that adversaries may attempt to attack these protocols. It would be interesting to explore the use of this approach in the context of the Autonomous Connected Vehicle to create protocols that preserve privacy and integrity, and ensure secure communications in a highly distributed context.

On the one hand, the MPC is now mature. On the other hand, in the context of the connected car, we will have to define new and stronger security concepts because user information is not only stored in databases, but also used in many applications. Secondly, in order to deploy MPC in real-life situations, important issues such as the real-time complexity of complications and calculations have to be taken into account.


The first objective of this thesis is to acquire a very sharp understanding of the secure MPC paradigm and to master the associated methods.

The second objective is to exploit this knowledge to create secure MPC protocols to perform various calculations on private data of an autonomous connected vehicle and to evaluate the performances of this approach with respect to the existing one based on ETSI, IEEE and ISO security standards.

We will apply this approach in two identified use cases to achieve the following objectives:

  • Security and speed of intra-vehicle and/or external communications
  • Anonymous sharing and processing of information in real time and in a distributed manner


If you are interested, please apply by sending email with one single PDF file and subject line set to Application for Ph.D., addressed directly to Prof. Houda Labiod ( et Duong Hieu Phan ( du Département INFRES de l’Institut Polytechnique de Paris.