Q: Why is Wavestone partnering with the C3S Chair?

A: Transformation, Trust, Partnership


The rise of connected autonomous vehicle will represent a major transformation in the automotive industry. Operators in this sector will no longer be able to simply produce, sell and maintain industrial products, instead, they will need to deliver services that massively rely on digital technologies over the long-term. New businesses need to be learnt, new client relationships need to be built and new business models need to be invented.
Driving these transformations is what Wavestone is all about.


It is critical to take cyber security into account very early on. This clearly requires the design of vehicles that are “digitally secure” and capable of adapting  to constantly changing cyber threats, without invading privacy. We are convinced that trust will be the keystone to vehicle development, the vital element required before any commercial success can be expected.


We are passionate about these transformations. The C3S Chair is a wonderful opportunity to carry out some deep thinking, with contributions from different players in the ecosystem, including automotive manufacturers, suppliers and consultants. The fact that Télécom Paris is leading the chair is added inspiration for us. The relationship between Wavestone and Télécom Paris has been constant and productive for more than 20 years. This Chair represents a new and very welcome milestone in our partnership.

About Wavestone

In a world where the ability to transform is the key to success, Wavestone’s mission is to provide its clients with unique solutions, by guiding them through their most strategic decision-making processes. Wavestone employs 2,500 people in four continents. It is one of the leading independent consultancy firms in Europe and is the number 1 independent consultancy firm in France. Wavestone was created early in 2016, after consultancy Solucom acquired the European businesses of Kurt Salmon (except for retail and consumer goods consulting). It is listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange and Wavestone shares meet eligibility criteria for PEA-PME savings plans. Wavestone was awarded the Great Place To Work® label in 2017.

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